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Paris Mirror explores culture & heritage, which are part of individual identity but also constructs a collective identity. Being able to express oneself in an authentic & unique way is what makes life exciting and through the customization project at Paris Mirror, we aim to accentuate the viewer's rare heritage. 

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The customisation project will run concurrently with the Paris Mirror fashion showcase. The aim of this small project is to give the audience a rememberable experience, not only inside the gallery, but when returning to daily life. By customising a totebag or personal item, the audience is able to continuously see their identity & culture, displayed proudly, recalling their time at the Paris Mirror event. 

The customisation will be done by a digital printer, providing numerous letters, numbering and symbols which can be printed on a variety of surfaces. At the showcase, the audience is invited to customise a simple tote bag, free of charge. We also invite all viewers to bring with them any item they wish to customise. 

When: 03 - 05 June 2022

Friday 03/06: 19h - 21h 

Saturday: All Day 

Sunday: 11h - 13h


Where: Paris Mirror Gallery Space

10 rue Charles-François Dupluis



How: Bring an item from home or receive a tote bag at the showcase.*

*Tote bags are limited  

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