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Paris Mirror unveils a fashion showcase, presenting four female fashion designers, from around the world. 

The showcase stands to emphasize Paris as a cross-road of cultural identities, fabricating a collective identity that embraces diversity. It is a space where heritage & traditions are explored and re-imagined into contemporary fashion design. 

Fashion becomes our medium to display identity for this exhibition. Fashion and what we choose to wear have long served to represent oneself or a collective self. Each garment is saturated in the identity of the designer but then further used as a tool to express a person’s identity to the world around us.


The exhibition of garments constructs an archive of Parisian identities, curating a space that exemplifies contemporary Parisian culture by using fashion as a mediator. 


By presenting multiple designers, all under the umbrella of contemporary Parisian fashion, the exhibition will demonstrate the trans-cultural nature of Paris and thereafter evoke a space for unification. 


The showcase acknowledges the universalism of French fashion, in its vast influence and notoriety, and mixes the contemporary nature of these diverse designers, with the historical savoir-faire of Paris. 

Paris mirror is a showcase for self-expression, depicting the cultural agency and authenticity, celebrating the multiple cultures of emerging fashion designers. 

The title of the showcase, Paris Mirror, exemplifies the concept of reflection, seeing one’s own identity, in the heritages & cultural practices of another. Paris Mirror is a space to celebrate every identity and culture within a Parisian space. 


Four international fashion designers: 

Ida-Simone [Denmark]

Oihana Lasa [Spain]

Shuqian Zhang [China]

Elisabetta Bandolin [Italy] 

What is a fashion showcase? 

A fashion showcase is an event for designers to present their current collections to the public. It is staged as a static fashion show, where garments are put on view within a gallery space. It is an electricifying opportunity to see the leading young fashion designers, in a intimate stage, and connect with the fashion industry. 

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Customisation at Paris Mirror 

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Paris Mirror Merchandise 

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