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Lookbook shoot: 

Photography: @fionn.otoole 

Styling: @tuomas_laitinen

Hair & makeup: @noobagency

Editorial shoot:

Photography: Farah Mrad

Make up: Oihana Lasa Pérez

by Ida-Simone

Ida-Simone Brerup is a young Danish fashion designer who is breaking down the taboos of womanhood. The collection, named Fragility, manifests fertility journeys narrated by numerous women interviewed by Ida. 


As the designer came into her own womanhood, she noted that fertility issues were a topic that was never facilitated, thereafter she took it upon herself to create a path to break the silence on infertility and motherhood. Ida used the opportunity to focus on women of the same heritage as herself, interviewing women from the Scandinavian region. She opened her creative space to explore this very intimate subject, often spoken in hushed voices. She began her design process from a very personal position, focusing on her own mother’s infertility issues and her birth story. From this emotional beginning, the project expanded into a collective identity by acknowledging the stories of women who have struggled or who are struggling with infertility. 


The project gave women a space to talk about this taboo subject and recognize the power they hold. The transformation of a hushed subject, into large, sculptural, and bright fashion pieces, provides an unparalleled way to digest such a sensitive topic, displaying the strength and beauty of the female body. Fashion and the body have always been synonymous, however, Ida-Simone’s designs augment this dialogue, creating art on the body. 


The construction of the garments pushes the boundaries of fashion and art, making the viewer question what they consider art and fashion. This blurring of the boundaries is at the root of Ida-Simone’s design ethos, pushing the unmentioned into the forefront.  Each sculptural garment visualizes a different emotion experienced throughout the interview process. The collection offers a re-design of the space between the individual and society, questioning the discourse between womanhood and motherhood. 


The designer used this collection as a story of her own life, navigating this emotional journey through fashion design. Fragility exhibits women's bodies and identities, addressing a hidden fear that many women feel. From her birth to the everyday modern woman, Ida-Simone tells her story embodied in Fragility.


In a Parisian fashion landscape, Ida acknowledges the supreme heritage of French fashion design and aims to push boundaries again, opening up the space to multiple narratives. She wishes to bring fashion design back to its authentic identity by introducing her designs into the space. Ida is passionate about the environmental implications of the fashion industry, and the corporate power relationship that affects fashion in Paris. The designer aims to create perpetual designs that stand as art pieces, emblematic of womanhood. 





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