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Reflecting Us: Ziyi Wang

Paris Mirror not only investigates contemporary fashion design but also delves into the concept of identity. The Paris Mirror team is made up of four students from different ends of the world, giving us each unique perspective on culture, and how our own cultures have influenced our identities. This project gave us an opportunity to explore ourselves, and our heritages, re-examining them in the context of Paris. Each member decided to note their experience in Paris, how it has affected their identity, and the mutual interaction between themselves and the city of Paris.

Ziyi WANG [Queenie]

Head of social media & merchandising


Born in China.

A Chinese stationery and lifestyle brand SQUARE Studio owner, a blogger, and a vlogger.

Passionate about discovering life-oriented aesthetics, and realizing the artistic ideas through filming and designs.

My destiny with Paris started during my exchange life in France in 2018. Although I studied in the South of France at that time, I was attracted by Paris and came here quite often. I still remember I was willing to take a 6-hour train just for an exhibition at Musée d'Orsay. I could not forget the aesthetic attitudes in every corner, the great museums and exhibitions that I visited, and the numerous ideas and inspirations I derived from Paris. Therefore, I was determined to return to Paris to further my study in the future.

Between the end of the exchange and the start of my master's degree in Paris, there were a lot of changes in my life. I graduated from the university in Hong Kong and worked for a period of time in a marketing position there, then I opened my own stationery and lifestyle brand SQUARE Studio, I developed my blogger career at the same time continuously. I felt I grew a lot from these changes, but my dream about going back to Paris never disappeared in my mind. Because I could feel my experience in Paris is always influencing me. For instance, during my design work for SQUARE Studio, I was often driven by the aesthetic perception that I got from Paris. This made me more determined to go back to Paris and feel and learn more things here.

After living and studying in Paris, I am always impressed by the aesthetic diversity and artistic inclusiveness here. The unique style is appreciated in the society of Paris, that people are not following the trend, but they can present themselves fearlessly. This encourages me to realize more ideas through bravely trying out various filming and designs, so as to discover more opportunities and possibilities.

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